Effective commercial fly control is important due to compliance, health and safety, brand reputation and sanitation. Many Sydney businesses need to control the presence of flies in their stores, processing facilities and even offices.

But how do you accomplish that? What do competent Sydney managers do to effectively control the number of house flies. Below we’ll briefly discuss the crucial things to consider. Let’s get started.

1. Start with implementing strict sanitation practices

This is a given and the first requirement. In addition, it’s required for compliance with health regulations and local policies. However, this is rarely enough to ensure a fly-free environment.

That’s why many Sydney managers go beyond the requirements. They implement stricter practices involving the personnel and the premises itself. They also participate in local activities that improve sanitation. This is to clean all the potential breeding grounds of house flies. After all, if the neighbourhood is unsanitary, everyone will be affected.

2. Install fly control lamps in strategic points

Flies have baffled managers, homeowners and everyone else. These pests continue to be present even if everything is spotless and all the garbage is properly disposed. What should you do then?

The best course of action is to install fly control lamps in strategic points. This way, the device will capture the most number of flies and prevent them from roaming around further. Good news is, there are many optimised fly control lamps for this purpose.

For example, the VECTOTHOR Harrier emits UV-A and captures flies through a temperature-optimised glueboard with silicone paper cover. It even has a wide coverage (can cover at least 160 square metres). This is more than enough for most offices, restaurants and retail stores.

3. Choose sturdy lamps

Although there are many affordable options and fly control products, it’s still about ROI and getting the most out of every expense. That’s why the lamps should also last long enough if you want to get most value of them.

For many fly control lamps such as the VECTOTHOR Harrier, Merlin 100E, Kingfisher and others, the guarantee is 2 years and the lamp’s lifetime is up to one year. They’re also often encased in a metal housing for protection from impact and other objects. These all make it worth it to have a fly control lamp in your commercial facility.

Sydney commercial fly control

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Where do flies come from? It’s a wonder because even if you put screens on doors and windows, the flies are still there in your home or business. Even if you maintain 100% cleanliness in your premises, why are flies always present? Let’s explore this mystery below:

Flies can reproduce fast

In Sydney, especially during the summer, flies reproduce fast. In fact, even during the cold days, flies can still survive and multiply. This is true especially indoors whether it’s a home or a commercial facility.

It only takes 8 days (or fewer) for an egg to become a fly. Also, an adult female fly can lay up to 500 eggs. Imagine all of them hatching and you’ll have a massive infestation on your site.

Even if you apply pesticides or put screens on your doors and windows, some of the flies survive and find entry into your home or business. The numbers are enough to infest any area. Even just one fly can be annoying and harmful. Take note that the fly might have come from garbage or sewer.

Flies can find food almost anywhere

Flies can readily find food in garbage, drainage, tables, chairs and floors. It’s especially the case in trash and drains where there is a lot of decaying matter.

Even in common places and surfaces such as a clean table, flies can instantly find food. They don’t need a lot to survive. They just need bits here and there to fully nourish themselves. Or, they can just go back to the trash bin if there’s no food around.

That’s why it’s best to prevent the reproduction of house flies in the first place. Imagine one surviving knowing it can lay up to 500 eggs. You should minimise the number of flies as soon as you can.

House flies can escape and reproduce

The quick solution to control the number of flies is to apply an insecticide. However, this only offers a short term fix, it doesn’t solve the ongoing problem. Another solution (which is more long-term) is to block or screen the possible entry points.

Some of flies survive even when exposed to insecticides. Even when there are screens on doors and windows, flies can find entry through the vents and even small openings in screens.

Where do flies come from Sydney

That’s why we’re only left with one solution, which is to proactively capture the flies as they come. This is possible with the use of optimised fly control lamps. They attract the flies by emitting UV-A light and then capturing the pests for good through temperature-optimised glueboards.

Here at VECTOTHOR, we provide a wide range of products for effective fly control. They’re all scientifically designed according to the flies’ traits and the needs of your commercial facility. You can browse now our wide range of fly control products if you need more information.

Restaurant fly control is not a one-time or monthly necessity. It should be a daily requirement if you want to protect your restaurant’s customers and reputation.

Many other businesses request for pest control monthly or quarterly to protect their assets and to comply with local regulations. However, the case is different when it comes to restaurants and other food establishments.

Health and sanitation issues

Flies can instantly ruin a restaurant’s reputation. Aside from health issues, flies can greatly affect the brand image of the restaurant. If customers notice those flies while they’re dining one day, the restaurant’s sanitation will be in question. This could lead to loss of customers and even a negative reputation online and through word of mouth.

That’s why aside from monthly or quarterly pest control, restaurant owners and managers install fly control devices near and within their premises. This way, restaurants will be virtually fly-free during all the businesses’ hours of operation.

What are some of the fly control solutions

To effectively control flies, they must first be driven away or make them go towards an area. That’s why there are specially designed lamps (usually in the UV-A range) that attract flies. Once they come into contact (or become near) with the light source, the electrical zap will effectively extinguish them.

First, the lamps should emulate natural light so the flies will come. In addition, the wavelength emitted by the lights should appeal to flies. This makes attracting the flies much more effective.

Aside from fly killer lamps, some restaurants also use glueboards. They install these for total entrapment of flies and compliance with health and sanitation guidelines. For these glueboards to be effective, they should be optimised to be working perfectly even in tropical temperatures.

How to choose the best fly control option

There are many different kinds of fly control lamps and glueboards out in the market. However, not every product will be effective in restaurant fly control.

The choice might depend on the environment and the standards you’re upholding. It might also depend on the technology used and the effectiveness of a particular option.

Restaurant fly control Australia

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Many businesses in Australia search for office fly control solutions to keep the workplace sanitary and more inviting. After all, most employees and managers spend most of their waking hours inside an office.

If there are a few flies in the workplace, expect them to greatly affect the image of the office. Worse, they can even affect the staff’s productivity levels. Our working environment actually influences us more than we realise. It can make us feel more motivated if the environment is free from flies and other pests.

So how do we keep flies out of our offices? What are the effective means available? Let’s explore the answers below:

1. Specify a designated dining area

Why do flies linger around? One reason is that there are food sources in the area. On the desks, computer keyboards and other work areas, there might be food particles lying around.

Aside from cleaning those areas, it’s also important that there’s a designated dining area for all the staff members. This way, the work areas will stay clean day after day. In addition, dining and working will be two separate activities because they’re being done in separate environments.

2. Always empty the trash bins

Flies love the trash bins because they’re often hidden from plain view and there are food sources. That’s why it’s good to regularly empty those bins so the flies won’t have a safe and warm place to hide.

The previous tip above (specifying a dining area) complements this. If there’s a designated dining area, the trash bins in the main offices won’t have food particles. Mostly, the content of those trash bins will be paper and other non-edible waste.

3. Put fly control lamps and/or glueboards

Aside from maintaining clean surroundings, it’s also recommended to have fly control solutions in your workplace.

There are fly killer lamps and glueboards that can effectively control the number of flies. In addition, these can help maintain your fly-free work environment each day. There will be no flies lingering around. The office will remain sanitary and inviting for employees, managers, suppliers and guests.

Office fly control Australia

Here at VECTOTHOR, we provide effective fly control lamps and glueboards that utilise cutting edge science. For instance, our fly control lamps are specifically designed to appeal to the flies’ visual spectrum.

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How to get rid of house flies? Are there effective ways without relying on pesticides and other harmful means? Is there a permanent solution to keep homes and commercial facilities free from flies?

These are the common questions from families and business owners. After all, flies pose health risks and sanitary issues in any residence or commercial area.

Let’s explore the answers to the questions above. We’ll discuss quick and doable tips for effective fly control. Let’s start.

How to eliminate house flies?

Elimination can be about the extermination of flies through pesticides, fly control lamps and glueboards. It can also be about cleaning or eliminating the flies’ possible breeding grounds.

Often, the first step is applying good sanitation practices in all areas. This way, it’s unlikely that the flies will be able to reproduce and thrive. Then, specific fly control solutions will be applied according to the situation.

Aside from elimination, exclusion is another option. This is about the closing or proofing of entry areas such as windows, vents and doors from flies and other insects. However, one or two flies might still be able to sneak in. Even just one fly is enough to make the place look unsanitary.

That’s why many people choose the extermination method. However, some still rely on means that are harmful to the environment and human health.

Without pesticides

Thankfully, it’s now possible to get rid of house flies and other pests without relying on heavy use of chemicals. There are now fly control lamps that are eco-friendly while still effectively eliminating flies.

For example, the ASTRON UV-A Lamps are energy-efficient and long lasting. In addition, the fluorescent powder used in the manufacturing of these lamps is water-based (no toxic butyl compounds). Furthermore, the glass used is free from lead.

It’s environment-friendly while still keeping your place fly-free. These lamps are recommended for daily and long-term use. Each day flies are being eliminated while doing it for the long run.

Get rid of house flies Australia

Prevention is said to be better and cheaper than cure. What if you can have both?

At VECTOTHOR, we have products that effectively prevent and solve fly infestation. Our fly control lamps effectively attract house flies and prevent them from further reproduction.

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Need a safe indoor fly control solution? Pesticides can harm the environment and human health. That’s why more and more Australians (both homeowners and businesses) want a safe fly control solution.

Perhaps you keep your home or workplace clean but still flies are coming in. Maybe it’s a result of poor sanitation in a nearby area. Whichever is the case, you want to get rid of the flies in the safest way possible. But before you choose a solution for that, here are 3 important things to consider:

1. Effectiveness

A more effective approach than using pesticides is taking advantage of fly control lamps. These effectively capture the flies without spraying chemicals through the air.

However, not all fly control lamps are truly effective. First, the lamps should imitate the natural light given off by the sun (that’s why lamps are in the UV-A range). The house fly spectrum range (300 to 420 nm) is optimised in attracting the highest number of flies.

Aside from optimising according to the house fly vision spectrum, the fly control light should be projecting a constant beam. This way, flies will see it as a natural light source. Most UV lamps out in the market now might be generating a flickering light (not obvious to our naked eye). It’s recommended to choose a constant light source that imitates natural sunlight.

2. Long-term cost

In many businesses, cost is also a priority aside from effectiveness. This way, business owners can get the most out of their investment. In addition, the goal is to get rid of unnecessary costs.

Fly control is a necessary cost (or investment). This is true especially in food establishments where health, safety and image are primary concerns. Flies can signal poor sanitation and ruin a company’s reputation.

However, that doesn’t mean you need expensive solutions to fix a problem. Today, there are cost-effective fly control solutions. For example, a PHILIPS UV-A Long-life Lamp can last up to 2 years (while maintaining maximum effectiveness). In contrast, many other UV lamps last only for 6 months.

3. Environment-friendly

Perhaps the main reason you’re avoiding pesticides is environmental awareness. You prefer eco-friendly solutions that are also sustainable in the long run.

Many UV-A lamps are now eco-friendly. Aside from minimising chemical output to the air, these lamps are also made from water-based and non-toxic substances. Even after their useful lifespan, you’ll have no worries about how they end up during disposal.

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