Control of small flies in food industry is a crucial task for maintaining sanitation and adhering to high standards. This is especially the case in kitchens, food production and processing facilities and even in food storage and distribution facilities.

Small flies and other flying insects are huge threats to the entire supply chain. From the production up to the storage and distribution, the presence of flies can result to significant financial losses. In addition, the company’s reputation will suffer (and possible legal actions will be rendered).

Effective fly control in food industry

Managers have already implemented several measures to prevent the above scenarios. First, they identify the critical points for food safety. They could then apply control procedures (e.g. sealing key entry areas, consistent cleaning of spills, sealing of floor cracks). Finally, they would monitor the effectiveness of those control procedures. They might count the number of flies captured and the incidences of fly contamination in every step of the supply chain.

However, there are things beyond the manager’s control that still allow flies to roam around. Perhaps a nearby location is unsanitary. In addition, food processing facilities naturally attract flies. These areas provide a warm shelter and constant food source for the flies.

That’s why the proactive approach is to capture the flies where they are. Other procedures are also important. But to limit the number of flies roaming around, there should be fly control devices installed in the very premises.

Effectiveness of fly control lamps

Modern fly control lamps are now optimised to attract and capture the most number of flies. For example, the Vectothor Harrier emits continuous UV-A rays that emulate natural sunlight. This technology is effective in attracting flies. These insects perceive the light as “natural” and they will feel safe coming towards it.

This ceiling and flag mounted fly control device has an area coverage of at least 160 square metres. This is ideal for large food production areas. It can be placed in a strategic location for maximum coverage and effectiveness. It’s also cost-effective because the lamp itself can last up to one year.

Control of small flies in food industry

The best approach is often the combination of different methods. The implementation should also be throughout including during the packaging and storage phase. This is to effectively limit the failure points and risks in every step of the supply chain.

Here at Vectothor, we specialise in effective fly control with our scientifically designed products. We have developed various units for specific applications. Contact us today or browse through our wide range of products.

Searching for an effective flying insect control fly trap for restaurants? Whether you have a new or established restaurant, 24/7 effective fly control is crucial in maintaining cleanliness, brand reputation and excellent customer satisfaction. This is even more crucial during the hours of operation of your business.

That’s why you need a reliable solution that does this for you. You need a fly control solution specifically designed for cafes and restaurants. This is to optimise the results and minimise the “damage” caused by flies and other flying insects.

The VECTOTHOR Kestrel Flying Insect Control Light Trap

This wall-mounted device is optimally designed for restaurants. Here’s how it works:

It emits UV-A light which perfectly mimics the UV-A light in natural sunlight. This is an important feature because house flies are good at avoiding artificial threats (one of the reasons flies are persisting and surviving). If they detect something is threatening and far from natural, they will stay away.

The Kestrel is different because it emits UV-A light which successfully attracts flies. In addition, it has a Natural Contrast Grid which stimulates the natural environment where flies land. The combination of those two features makes Kestrel an effective and optimal solution for fly control.

Compared to conventional units, the Kestrel shows a 30% improved performance. It can also cover at least 30 square metres of space, which is large enough for most purposes. If you have a larger space, you can install multiple units or enquire us for more appropriate solutions.

Moreover, the Kestrel has a temperature-optimised glueboard which can effectively capture and retain the house flies. Many other conventional and ineffective units are not optimised, which is why many flies can still escape and roam around a restaurant. In contrast, Kestrel works effectively especially in the environment of restaurants and cafes.

Flying insect control fly trap for restaurants

Here at VECTOTHOR, our fly traps are scientifically designed for optimum fly control. We have modern units specifically made for restaurants, cafes and other commercial food and beverage establishments.

We prioritise effectiveness, reliability and performance because these are also the same priorities of business owners and clients. You can call us today at 13 35 36 or browse through our products if you need to learn more.

How to effectively control flies in wet industrial environments? The general idea is to select solutions which are specifically and optimally designed for such environments. After all, what works in one setting might not work in another. In addition, industrial environments are totally different from normal commercial establishments such as restaurants and offices.

What makes industrial environments different?

Industrial environments could be hotter and more humid. The industrial machines and equipment are also different and more sensitive. There could also be solvents, chemicals and other substances in the area. Whether it’s food processing or manufacturing, the environment requires a different set of control measures to minimise risks and damages.

Many fly control units are already effective in restaurants because these employ UV-A light and a Natural Contrast Grid technology. However, these same units might not be the ideal ones for manufacturing, food processing and other industrial settings. You need solutions and units that are more robust and more apt for the areas you’re trying to protect.

The VECTOTHOR Kingfisher Flying Insect Control Light Trap

That’s why here at VECTOTHOR, our Kingfisher is scientifically and optimally designed for industrial environments and large commercial facilities. It uses the same technology as with our other products because UV-A light and the natural contrast grid captures the most number of flies and other flying insects.

The difference is that the VECTOTHOR Kingfisher can withstand even a total wet wash. This is far better than most conventional units and other products offered by the competition. Our Kingfisher is robust and it only does one thing — capture the most number of flies whether or not you’re looking.

Control flies in wet industrial environments

Generic solutions won’t cut it. What you need is a solution scientifically and specifically designed for your application.

Here at VECTOTHOR, we have a wide range of products wherein each one is suited for a specific purpose and application. As mentioned above, our Kingfisher is specifically designed for wet industrial environments. It can cover an area of at least 100 square metres. It’s robust (encased in a metal housing) and the lamp can last up to two years.

Contact us today if you want to learn more about our scientifically designed fly control products.

What are your options when it comes to fly control in food production areas? In this short article, we’ll discuss a few of your options. We’ll also discuss what makes a solution more effective than the others. Let’s start.

VECTOTHOR Sea Harrier Flying Insect Control Light Trap

This scientifically designed device is optimised for capturing the most number of flies even in food production areas. It can cover at least 160 square metres which is large enough for most applications.

It’s designed according to the biology of flies. These insects have survived for millions of years because their biological constitution allows them to avoid threats. In addition, there’s an abundance of food sources (especially in food production areas) and they can easily ingest the food by “vomiting” out digestive enzymes and taking it in again by suction (with the food particles and nutrients).

That’s why the best way to capture them is by working according to their biological tendencies. The fly control lamps should mimic natural sunlight as much as possible. If they sense that the light source is far from natural, they will stay away (hence, fewer flies captured). The way light reflects should also mimic how the natural environment looks like.

That’s why our VECTOTHOR Sea Harrier emits UV-A sunlight and natural contrast so more flies will be attracted. This device is optimised according to the biology of flies. As a result, it became one of the most effective fly control devices out there.

Other features

Temperatures and humidity levels might be a lot different in food production areas compared to normal offices. That’s why food production areas often have different demands and requirements.

For example, the catch specifications of the Sea Harrier include a temperature-optimised glueboard. It’s designed according to where it will be used for (food production area). That’s why it can capture the most number of flies without almost any of them escaping.

Moreover, corrosion of metal surfaces might be a problem in food production facilities. Our Sea Harrier is encased in a robust metal housing. In addition, it’s powder coated which keeps the outer layer intact and protected from moisture and other elements. It’s different from liquid paint because the powder is electrically bound to the metal. It is also IP65 Water-resistant, so it is ideal in areas that are hosed down.

Fly control in food production areas

Contact us today if you need robust and reliable fly control solutions for your food production area. Depending on your application, we have units that are scientifically designed and optimised.

Effective fly control in retail stores may improve your business reputation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling food or non-consumables such as clothing. What matters is your business shows an image of professionalism and cleanliness.

What would customers think if there were flies buzzing around while they looked at your products? They would think that the place is unsanitary and far from trustworthy. It says a lot about your business and the items you sell.

What happens if your store is free from flies?

It may not guarantee an instant increase in sales, but you prevent a bad reputation arising and possible loss of customers. In addition, you maintain an aura of cleanliness which can win the trust of customers and possibly long-term buyers.

Take note that it’s not all about your products. It’s also about the customer perception and experience. Your products might be top of the line and at the most reasonable pricing. But the environment where they’re put in can have a huge impact on your customer’s decision whether to buy or not.

How to do effective fly control

House flies are especially numerous during summer (or during unusually warm and humid days). However, it can still be unpredictable. Flies come and go. They might even come to your store when you have a lot of potential buyers.

That’s why you need a solution that works reliably in the background. One such solution is the use of lamps specifically designed for fly control. For example, the VECTOTHOR Falcon emits light in UV-A range (300-420nm), which is optimised to attract the most number of flies. It mimics natural sunlight which removes the doubts and threat instincts of house flies.

Aside from effectiveness, Sydney managers also consider the range and coverage. The VECTOTHOR Falcon can cover at least 35 square metres. This is enough for small stores. For larger stores, you might need to install multiple units or buy lamps which have a wider coverage (such as the VECTOTHOR Falcon Plus which covers at least 60 square metres).

These units are highly effective and yet non-disruptive. The light is directed upwards which won’t distract your customers. It’s just there in the background silently (unnoticeable) doing its work.

Sydney effective fly control in retail stores

Here at VECTOTHOR, we only have products optimised for effective fly control. We have a wide range of fly control solutions specifically designed for different settings and commercial facilities. Call us today at +61 2 9364 1800 or download our brochure if you want to learn more.

What’s the best way to get rid of flies in your restaurant or food processing (or distribution) centre? The truth is there’s no permanent solution to it. Flies will come back again and again. What you need is a solution that can effectively control the number of flies 24/7.

That’s why extermination using pesticides is only temporary. Some commercial and industrial facilities might require this method (especially if there’s massive infestation). But for the most part, 24/7 control is much more effective.

Why sanitation is not enough?

Aside from extermination, another common approach is complete sanitation. After all, this is getting to the root of the problem. This eliminates the flies’ potential breeding grounds. It’s a more long-term and proactive approach to controlling the number of flies.

However, the neighbourhood or the areas nearby might be heavily infested with house flies. Also, the nearby locations might have dumpsites or aggregated decaying matter. This is the perfect environment for flies to thrive.

It might not be your fault but the flies can still be present in your restaurant or food processing facility. However, you still need to deal with the problem. You need a more permanent and reliable solution.

Why use optimised fly control lamps?

Optimised fly control lamps are more eco-friendly and they offer a more long-term solution. They also operate all through the business’ active hours. Even if the workplace or eating area is fully active, the lamps will also stay active to capture the flies.

Modern lamps now are optimised according to the house flies’ vision spectrum (in the UV-A range, 300-420nm). The sophisticated VECTOTHOR lamps mimic the frequency emitted by natural sunlight. They also emit a continuous light (it doesn’t flicker). This means the lamps can now attract the maximum number of flies.

Many fly control lights now are designed for commercial and industrial settings. Even in slightly higher or lower temperatures, these lamps can work effectively. For instance, the Astron UV-A Lamps are shatter-proof and actually approved for HACCP.

Best way to get rid of flies Sydney

In summary, an effective approach is to have a 24/7 reliable solution. Your business should still continue with the sanitation practices. But the best approach is the combination of different techniques (prevention, capture and sanitation) to ensure a fly-free environment.

Here at VECTOTHOR, we have excellent products specifically designed for restaurants, food facilities and other commercial environments. You can browse through our wide range of products today.


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