How to effectively control flies in wet industrial environments? The general idea is to select solutions which are specifically and optimally designed for such environments. After all, what works in one setting might not work in another. In addition, industrial environments are totally different from normal commercial establishments such as restaurants and offices.

What makes industrial environments different?

Industrial environments could be hotter and more humid. The industrial machines and equipment are also different and more sensitive. There could also be solvents, chemicals and other substances in the area. Whether it’s food processing or manufacturing, the environment requires a different set of control measures to minimise risks and damages.

Many fly control units are already effective in restaurants because these employ UV-A light and a Natural Contrast Grid technology. However, these same units might not be the ideal ones for manufacturing, food processing and other industrial settings. You need solutions and units that are more robust and more apt for the areas you’re trying to protect.

The VECTOTHOR Kingfisher Flying Insect Control Light Trap

That’s why here at VECTOTHOR, our Kingfisher is scientifically and optimally designed for industrial environments and large commercial facilities. It uses the same technology as with our other products because UV-A light and the natural contrast grid captures the most number of flies and other flying insects.

The difference is that the VECTOTHOR Kingfisher can withstand even a total wet wash. This is far better than most conventional units and other products offered by the competition. Our Kingfisher is robust and it only does one thing — capture the most number of flies whether or not you’re looking.

Control flies in wet industrial environments

Generic solutions won’t cut it. What you need is a solution scientifically and specifically designed for your application.

Here at VECTOTHOR, we have a wide range of products wherein each one is suited for a specific purpose and application. As mentioned above, our Kingfisher is specifically designed for wet industrial environments. It can cover an area of at least 100 square metres. It’s robust (encased in a metal housing) and the lamp can last up to two years.

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