Region 9: Spain


Vectothor has created the most effective flying insect management system made possible by European design excellence and university proven performance.
Our premium and HACCP-compliant fly traps are now being widely used in restaurants, cafes, kitchens, offices, shops, hospitals, food production facilities and industrial areas. Our units are also found in Spain’s main industries such as pharmaceuticals, metals, chemicals, automobiles, food and beverages, textiles and apparel (especially at Andalucia, Aragon and Asturias).
We use ASTRON UV-A lamps (German made precision, exclusive to Vectothor) with light output targeted to meet the housefly vision spectrum of 300 to 420 nm. The lamps are also able to provide UV-A light for 9,000 hours of continuous use.
To optimise fly attraction and capture, our residential and professional units also employ Natural Contrast Grids (stimulate housefly’s natural landing behaviour) and temperature-optimised glueboards that ensure total insect entrapment even in tropical temperatures.
As a research-based company with global offices, our team of researchers and specialists are always ready to provide technical assistance. This way you can select an appropriate unit for your business facility (with maximum coverage and effectiveness).
Our electric bug zappers and electronic pest control solutions are often crucial to the successful execution of many companies’ flying insect management programs. The excellent and quantifiable results make it possible to significantly reduce the number of flies and fly contamination events.