Region 4: Asia

Residential / Professional Units

Leading edge solutions that guarantee the highest catch rates make VECTOTHOR Flying Insect Killer Light Traps the premium choice for HACCP food management programs, the hospitality industry, hospitals, indeed for anyone who wants peak performance in their flying insect management program.

In Asia (especially South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore), Vectothor has already delivered premium and high performance fly traps for electronics, automotive, textile, manufacturing and other commercial areas. Through the years our scientifically designed units have achieved high catch rates that prevented countless possible contamination events especially in food facilities.
Our HACCP-compliant and university-tested electronic pest control solutions emit UV-A light (300-420 nm) using a high frequency electronic light pulse (10,000 cycles per second) that makes the emission appear natural to houseflies. In addition, the lamps’ shatter-proof coating from DuPont makes them unmatched in strength and UV-A transparency. The lamps can last up to 9,000 hours (approximately one year) which makes them cost-effective in many commercial facilities.
Our experienced team of specialists and researchers use cutting edge science to optimize catch rates and guarantee 24/7 continuous and reliable protection against flies. As a research-based company, Vectothor is committed to providing ongoing and long-term solutions that meet and exceed international standards.
Whether it’s eliminating troublesome flying insects in restaurants or complying with strict standards in industrial facilities, we have a complete range of electric bug zappers that are highly effective in attracting and capturing flies. Many managers contact us to make their flying insect management programs more effective.