Region 1: Africa

Residential / Professional Units

Leading edge solutions that guarantee the highest catch rates make VECTOTHOR Flying Insect Killer Light Traps the premium choice for HACCP food management programs, the hospitality industry, hospitals, indeed for anyone who wants peak performance in their flying insect management program.

Vectothor’s high performance electronic pest control solutions are ideal even in tropical temperatures in different parts of Africa including Seychelles, Mauritius and Algeria.
Whether it’s in a food processing facility (e.g. processing of fish and meat) or in a fast-paced restaurant kitchen, certainly we have an appropriate fly control solution for your facility. We have designed different units that are appropriate in various settings.
Our fly traps are scientifically designed and optimized according to the flies’ biology. Insects see the light as natural and non-threatening (mimics nature) because our lamps appeal to the house fly vision spectrum (300-420 nm, UV-A) and with high frequency emission (10,000 cycles per second).
This results to high catch rates that will make your integrated pest management program more effective. Our ongoing and long-term solutions are HACCP-compliant and have an environmentally responsible design.
Our electric bug zappers last long (lamps can last up to 9,000 hours of continuous use) and some of our units are designed for harsh working environments. The combination of European design excellence and university proven performance makes our solutions excel in the field of effective flying insect management.
Through the years, we’ve dedicated our time in studying fly management in different businesses. We’ve also rigorously studied different species of flies and flying insects (including their evolutionary advantages and biological tendencies). This way, we can guarantee high performance to minimise fly contamination.
As an international business with strong research facilities, Vectothor has continuously provided high performance public and urban flying insect management solutions in Africa and its key industries.