Region 5: Gulf Region

Residential / Professional Units

Leading edge solutions that guarantee the highest catch rates make VECTOTHOR Flying Insect Killer Light Traps the premium choice for HACCP food management programs, the hospitality industry, hospitals, indeed for anyone who wants peak performance in their flying insect management program.

Vectothor’s premium HACCP-compliant fly traps are now in service in different offices, shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, kitchens, food production areas and industrial facilities in the Gulf Region. Our exclusive Astron UV-A lamps with German made precision provide UV-A light (specifically to meet the housefly vision spectrum of 300-420 nm) for 9,000 hours.
Our units are now in use in many processing plants including oil, chemicals, plastics, fertilisers, detergents and asphalt. We have specific units designed for harsh and reactive environments which are common in the region’s progressive facilities especially in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.
Our residential, commercial and industrial units are rigorously tested and analysed for peak performance and reliability. The optimal catch rates are made possible by taking advantage of the housefly’s biology. The use of UV-A light, high frequency electronic pulse for continuous emission, Natural Contrast Grids and temperature-optimised glueboards are specifically for attracting and capturing the highest number of flies. That’s because as an international company with strong research facilities, we are committed to delivering quantifiable and optimal results within reasonable time.
Our global team with many years of technical experience are ready to provide technical support and assistance so you can learn more about the most effective approach in fly control.