How to control flying insects in food packaging areas? How to minimise their numbers through the least intrusive and most eco-friendly way possible? Here we’ll discuss a few methods in effective fly control in food processing and packaging facilities. Let’s start.

Excellent building design & construction

Packaging is also a crucial phase of the whole supply chain. That’s because it’s another possible failure point when it come to adhering to standards and ensuring consumer safety. As a result, engineers and managers also pay attention to the area where food products are being packed.

For instance, food packaging facilities often have tight and close-fitting doors and windows. This is to limit the possible entry points of flies. The materials for floors and walls were also carefully selected. These materials and surfaces should be easily cleaned so as not to attract flies and other pests.

Ongoing sanitation

Aside from the excellent design and construction of a food packing facility, ongoing sanitation is also important for effective fly control. Sanitation is not a sporadic or monthly event. It’s a daily commitment to ensuring a clean workplace.

This is often accomplished by regularly cleaning the spills and debris (or preventing those in the first place). However, it’s important to consider the cleaning agents your company will be using. For example, chlorine sanitisers might corrode the metal surfaces of conveyor belts. It’s also important to choose environment-friendly cleaning agents as much as possible.

Personal cleanliness & personnel practices

It’s the commitment of the people that enables the success of any company. It’s especially true when it comes to sanitation. When the personnel follow the best sanitation practices, it’s highly likely that the work environment will be excellent.

For instance, all workers handling the food products should wear sanitary gloves and clothing. In addition, they clean up the spills immediately or notify those in charge. Food handling is also being performed with care to prevent damages or exposure of the food products.

Optimally designed fly control devices

All the methods mentioned above are necessary in ensuring a sanitary and pest-free work area. However, flies are persistent and they still continue to roam around. After all, food processing and packaging facilities are rich in food sources for the flies and other flying insects.

Your facility’s final layer of protection is with the use of fly control devices (optimised UV fly lamps). These devices will work around the clock to capture the flies. This further minimises the possibility of fly contamination to your food products.

Control flying insects in food packaging areas

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