Effective commercial fly control is important due to compliance, health and safety, brand reputation and sanitation. Many Sydney businesses need to control the presence of flies in their stores, processing facilities and even offices.

But how do you accomplish that? What do competent Sydney managers do to effectively control the number of house flies. Below we’ll briefly discuss the crucial things to consider. Let’s get started.

1. Start with implementing strict sanitation practices

This is a given and the first requirement. In addition, it’s required for compliance with health regulations and local policies. However, this is rarely enough to ensure a fly-free environment.

That’s why many Sydney managers go beyond the requirements. They implement stricter practices involving the personnel and the premises itself. They also participate in local activities that improve sanitation. This is to clean all the potential breeding grounds of house flies. After all, if the neighbourhood is unsanitary, everyone will be affected.

2. Install fly control lamps in strategic points

Flies have baffled managers, homeowners and everyone else. These pests continue to be present even if everything is spotless and all the garbage is properly disposed. What should you do then?

The best course of action is to install fly control lamps in strategic points. This way, the device will capture the most number of flies and prevent them from roaming around further. Good news is, there are many optimised fly control lamps for this purpose.

For example, the VECTOTHOR Harrier emits UV-A and captures flies through a temperature-optimised glueboard with silicone paper cover. It even has a wide coverage (can cover at least 160 square metres). This is more than enough for most offices, restaurants and retail stores.

3. Choose sturdy lamps

Although there are many affordable options and fly control products, it’s still about ROI and getting the most out of every expense. That’s why the lamps should also last long enough if you want to get most value of them.

For many fly control lamps such as the VECTOTHOR Harrier, Merlin 100E, Kingfisher and others, the guarantee is 2 years and the lamp’s lifetime is up to one year. They’re also often encased in a metal housing for protection from impact and other objects. These all make it worth it to have a fly control lamp in your commercial facility.

Sydney commercial fly control

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