Effective fly control in restaurants starts with routine sanitation and immediate cleaning of any spills and leftovers. It’s especially the case with restaurants that serve seafood and grilled meat where flies can smell the food sources even from a mile away.

Aside from regular and immediate cleaning, business owners and managers also install fly control lamps within the premises. This is to further reduce the number of flies roaming around which results to the following:

  • Lower chance for flies to spread diseases
  • Capture the flies and prevent them from landing on the tables and plates
  • Prevent flies from reproducing because they’re captured in the first place

Which flying insect light traps to use?

There are many effective fly control lights installed right now in restaurants and kitchens. The common features they have are:

  • Emission of UV-A rays, approximately in the wavelength range of 315 to 400 nanometres (mimicking natural sunlight)
  • Continuous emission through high frequency light pulse
  • Natural light contrast grid (stimulates the flies’ landing behaviour)
  • Temperature-optimised glueboard (effective capture of flies even in high temperature and humid environments)

In other words, the key features revolve around effective attraction and capture of flies. This can be accomplished by designing the devices according to flies’ biological tendencies and the temperature and humidity levels in the area.

For instance, the Vectothor Merlin 100E (100+ square metre coverage) is scientifically designed for restaurants, shops and other dry environments. In contrast, the Vectothor Sea Eagle (coverage area of 150+ square metres) is specifically designed for high humidity and highly volatile environments.

For restaurants, basic units will suffice (given it has enough coverage area) to effectively control the number of flies. Other types of units might be required for restaurant and industrial kitchens because they might have high temperature and humidity levels (contact us today which unit is appropriate for your application).

Effective fly control in restaurants

Effective flying insect management requires an integrated approach (a combination of routine and ongoing protection against flies). Sanitation and limiting entry points are the first steps. For ongoing defence against flies, a fly killer lamp is found to be suitable for restaurants and other commercial facilities.

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