Effective fly control in retail stores may improve your business reputation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling food or non-consumables such as clothing. What matters is your business shows an image of professionalism and cleanliness.

What would customers think if there were flies buzzing around while they looked at your products? They would think that the place is unsanitary and far from trustworthy. It says a lot about your business and the items you sell.

What happens if your store is free from flies?

It may not guarantee an instant increase in sales, but you prevent a bad reputation arising and possible loss of customers. In addition, you maintain an aura of cleanliness which can win the trust of customers and possibly long-term buyers.

Take note that it’s not all about your products. It’s also about the customer perception and experience. Your products might be top of the line and at the most reasonable pricing. But the environment where they’re put in can have a huge impact on your customer’s decision whether to buy or not.

How to do effective fly control

House flies are especially numerous during summer (or during unusually warm and humid days). However, it can still be unpredictable. Flies come and go. They might even come to your store when you have a lot of potential buyers.

That’s why you need a solution that works reliably in the background. One such solution is the use of lamps specifically designed for fly control. For example, the VECTOTHOR Falcon emits light in UV-A range (300-420nm), which is optimised to attract the most number of flies. It mimics natural sunlight which removes the doubts and threat instincts of house flies.

Aside from effectiveness, Sydney managers also consider the range and coverage. The VECTOTHOR Falcon can cover at least 35 square metres. This is enough for small stores. For larger stores, you might need to install multiple units or buy lamps which have a wider coverage (such as the VECTOTHOR Falcon Plus which covers at least 60 square metres).

These units are highly effective and yet non-disruptive. The light is directed upwards which won’t distract your customers. It’s just there in the background silently (unnoticeable) doing its work.

Sydney effective fly control in retail stores

Here at VECTOTHOR, we only have products optimised for effective fly control. We have a wide range of fly control solutions specifically designed for different settings and commercial facilities. Call us today at +61 2 9364 1800 or download our brochure if you want to learn more.