Searching for an effective flying insect control fly trap for restaurants? Whether you have a new or established restaurant, 24/7 effective fly control is crucial in maintaining cleanliness, brand reputation and excellent customer satisfaction. This is even more crucial during the hours of operation of your business.

That’s why you need a reliable solution that does this for you. You need a fly control solution specifically designed for cafes and restaurants. This is to optimise the results and minimise the “damage” caused by flies and other flying insects.

The VECTOTHOR Kestrel Flying Insect Control Light Trap

This wall-mounted device is optimally designed for restaurants. Here’s how it works:

It emits UV-A light which perfectly mimics the UV-A light in natural sunlight. This is an important feature because house flies are good at avoiding artificial threats (one of the reasons flies are persisting and surviving). If they detect something is threatening and far from natural, they will stay away.

The Kestrel is different because it emits UV-A light which successfully attracts flies. In addition, it has a Natural Contrast Grid which stimulates the natural environment where flies land. The combination of those two features makes Kestrel an effective and optimal solution for fly control.

Compared to conventional units, the Kestrel shows a 30% improved performance. It can also cover at least 30 square metres of space, which is large enough for most purposes. If you have a larger space, you can install multiple units or enquire us for more appropriate solutions.

Moreover, the Kestrel has a temperature-optimised glueboard which can effectively capture and retain the house flies. Many other conventional and ineffective units are not optimised, which is why many flies can still escape and roam around a restaurant. In contrast, Kestrel works effectively especially in the environment of restaurants and cafes.

Flying insect control fly trap for restaurants

Here at VECTOTHOR, our fly traps are scientifically designed for optimum fly control. We have modern units specifically made for restaurants, cafes and other commercial food and beverage establishments.

We prioritise effectiveness, reliability and performance because these are also the same priorities of business owners and clients. You can call us today at 13 35 36 or browse through our products if you need to learn more.