How to effectively control flies in shops? This is important for maintaining an atmosphere of cleanliness and professionalism in retail stores and shopping centres. After all, modern customers evaluate businesses on every level and detail.

That’s why business managers and owners implement practical and science-based methods to effectively control the number of flies. These methods include:

  • Complete sanitation of floors, walls, ceilings and shelves
  • Limiting the flies’ possible entry points (doors, windows, vents, cracks, holes)
  • Use of ultraviolet lamps

Complete sanitation

This is the first step towards effective commercial fly control. The floors, walls, ceilings and shelves should be regularly cleaned. This way, flies won’t have reasons to stick to those surfaces.

Flies will be naturally attracted to places with possible food sources. Take note that flies only need small food particles for complete nourishment. Even if it’s just bread crumb or floor dirt from outdoors, flies will be able to smell them.

Although this initial method is highly effective, this is far from sufficient. Flies will still continue to roam around in search for food. That’s why business owners and managers implement other methods.

Limiting entry points

Aside from regular sanitation, limiting entry points is also an effective method. This is accomplished by sealing cracks and holes in floors, walls and ceilings. Another way is by placing screens on doors, vents and windows.

As a result, fewer flies will be able to enter into your premises. However, this is still far from sufficient. This is especially the case with shops that have doors open all day (and stores with constant influx of customers). Flies will still be able to enter and roam around. This could go on for several hours each day and annoy your customers.

Use of UV lamps

The two methods above are still essential for effective fly control. But to get better results, it’s time to implement science-based methods.

One such method is the use of UV lamps to attract and capture the flies. The most effective fly control lamps are scientifically designed according to the biology of flies. For example, the Vectothor Falcon emits continuous UV-A rays (mimics natural sunlight) that are most effective in attracting and capturing flying insects. In addition, it has a discreet uplit design which is ideal for shops.

How to control flies in shops

The best method is often a combination of different approaches. Managers and business owners often implement an integrated approach to minimise the number of flies and their effects.

That’s why here at Vectothor, we’re also committed to providing scientific approaches to controlling the number of insects in shops and other commercial facilities. Contact us today and let’s discuss your requirements.