Where do flies come from? It’s a wonder because even if you put screens on doors and windows, the flies are still there in your home or business. Even if you maintain 100% cleanliness in your premises, why are flies always present? Let’s explore this mystery below:

Flies can reproduce fast

In Sydney, especially during the summer, flies reproduce fast. In fact, even during the cold days, flies can still survive and multiply. This is true especially indoors whether it’s a home or a commercial facility.

It only takes 8 days (or fewer) for an egg to become a fly. Also, an adult female fly can lay up to 500 eggs. Imagine all of them hatching and you’ll have a massive infestation on your site.

Even if you apply pesticides or put screens on your doors and windows, some of the flies survive and find entry into your home or business. The numbers are enough to infest any area. Even just one fly can be annoying and harmful. Take note that the fly might have come from garbage or sewer.

Flies can find food almost anywhere

Flies can readily find food in garbage, drainage, tables, chairs and floors. It’s especially the case in trash and drains where there is a lot of decaying matter.

Even in common places and surfaces such as a clean table, flies can instantly find food. They don’t need a lot to survive. They just need bits here and there to fully nourish themselves. Or, they can just go back to the trash bin if there’s no food around.

That’s why it’s best to prevent the reproduction of house flies in the first place. Imagine one surviving knowing it can lay up to 500 eggs. You should minimise the number of flies as soon as you can.

House flies can escape and reproduce

The quick solution to control the number of flies is to apply an insecticide. However, this only offers a short term fix, it doesn’t solve the ongoing problem. Another solution (which is more long-term) is to block or screen the possible entry points.

Some of flies survive even when exposed to insecticides. Even when there are screens on doors and windows, flies can find entry through the vents and even small openings in screens.

Where do flies come from Sydney

That’s why we’re only left with one solution, which is to proactively capture the flies as they come. This is possible with the use of optimised fly control lamps. They attract the flies by emitting UV-A light and then capturing the pests for good through temperature-optimised glueboards.

Here at VECTOTHOR, we provide a wide range of products for effective fly control. They’re all scientifically designed according to the flies’ traits and the needs of your commercial facility. You can browse now our wide range of fly control products if you need more information.