Flicker free fly lamps provide continuous light rays that flies perceive as natural. They see it as non-threatening which triggers their instincts that the lamps are safe. As a result, a higher number of flies will be captured.

In contrast, flickering lights will repel flies. They will see it as threatening which makes the fly lamps ineffective or far from optimal. The flickering might not be obvious to the human eye. But the flies’ unique eye structure allows these insects to detect rapid and subtle flickers. After all, flies have evolved through millions of years of natural selection. They have already developed strong protection and detection mechanisms against threats.

Other important features

Aside from being non-flickering, the fly control units should also emit a stable UV-A light. This is the type of light where the most number of flies are attracted to. That’s because it’s the similar wavelength range as the natural sunlight.

In addition, the unit should also have a natural contrast grid (that mimics outdoor surroundings). The main objective is to emulate nature as much as possible. This is to trigger the flies’ biological responses. The flies should be able to come to the light source and land on a surface while feeling that they’re still in nature’s hands.

Effective fly control in commercial facilities

Managers implement an integrated approach in fly control. They select optimised fly control units for their shops, cafes, restaurants, kitchens, food production facilities and other areas. These fly control units should have the above features (flicker-free, natural UV-A light, natural contrast grid) for optimal effectiveness.

Performance and reliability are the priorities of any established business. For example, many managers select Vectothor Falcon for effective fly control. Its area coverage is at least 35 square metres and it’s ideal for shops, restaurants and business offices.

Aside from performance and reliability, business owners and managers also prioritise aesthetics. That’s why the Falcon is also designed for that. The lamp is directed upwards and the overall unit is sleek and compact. As a result, it even complements most interior designs of shops and offices.

Flicker free fly lamps

In summary, the goal is to mimic nature as much as possible to capture the most number of flies. Here at Vectothor, we scientifically designed all our units for maximum effectiveness. Our lamps emit continuous UV-A light and our units generate a natural contrast grid.

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