How flies contaminate food? Flies might have landed on garbage, faeces and rotting matter. They can then contaminate the food by transferring the microbes from those surfaces (by contact or defecating).

The 6 jointed legs of a housefly can transfer germs from one surface to another. In addition, the fly itself can be a threat to food safety. Someone might accidentally eat the fly together with the food.

A sign of a bigger problem

In many cases, the presence of flies is actually a sign of a much more serious problem. It’s about ineffective sanitation and lack of flying insect management programs. Within the site or nearby areas might be rich food sources for the flies. If these are not addressed, flies will continue to enter and roam around.

That’s why many businesses (especially in the restaurant, hospitality and food processing industries) take measures in sanitation of the environment (including what the staffs wear). This way, there will be fewer opportunities for flies to thrive.

For instance, food processing facilities have detailed documentations on maintaining sanitation. The floors, walls and ceilings are properly sealed to prevent entry of flies. In addition, they do routine cleaning and immediately clean up the spills.

The need for ongoing solution

Regular practice of proper sanitation yields amazing results. However, flies can still enter and contaminate food. After all, weekly or monthly sanitation is just the first step to ensure food safety.

For added safety, there should be an ongoing solution to further minimise the risks from flies. One proven way to accomplish this is by installing fly control lamps. These optimally designed devices capture flies with the use of continuous UV-A light and temperature-optimised glueboards.

For example, the Vectothor Peregrine 3 is ideal for fly control in commercial kitchens and food production areas. It has an effective range of at least 120 square metres which is perfect for many commercial applications.

How flies contaminate food

Flies contaminate food because they transfer germs from one surface to another. Also, they might be accidentally consumed if there are no fly control solutions in place.

That’s why here at Vectothor, we specialise in providing ongoing solutions for flying insect management. Our ceiling- and wall-mounted fly traps effectively attract and capture flies for better health and safety.

Contact us today if you need specific solutions for your business in minimising the risks coming from flies. We will provide you with excellent recommendations and detailed specifications.