In warm weather there are lots of flies in the house: where are they coming from? One common reason is there’s a fly infestation nearby or inside your home. If you’re asking ‘Why do I have so many flies in my house’ or ‘why are there so many flies in my house?’ it may be best practice to find a solution to your fly problem rather than the cause of flies in your home.

The life cycle of the colony began. Dozens or hundreds of eggs hatched, found sources of food and developed into flies. Whether the source is inside your home or nearby, it’s good to have a proactive pest management solution in place.

For instance, many homeowners (and even business managers) install flying insect killer light traps. This way, their property or business has an active protection against houseflies. Flies might be coming from a natural source, but to ensure safety it’s good to have a fly control lamp.

These fly light traps are founded on a rapidly flickering UV light. This appears natural to the highly sensitive eyes of the fly. The winged insects roam towards the light and become trapped by a glueboard where they starve.

Innovative design has seen development of this technology evolve rapidly. UV-A lights that mimic the light of the sun are used in the design of the Vectothor fly traps.

The First Step in Getting Rid of  Flies

Proper sanitation is still the first step (and probably the best way) to effectively control the number of flies. If there’s always a food source and breeding grounds for flies, expect the flies to be always present. No matter how many fly control lamps you place or the type of fly they will survive.

Flying insect light traps perfectly complement the application of proper sanitation practices. You eliminate the source while further protecting your home or business from flying insects.

Sanitation starts with removing the food sources and  blow fly breeding sites. Meat, garbage and rotting vegetables are where adult flies thrive and lay eggs. These are rich food sources for both the flies and resulting larvae.

Sanitation is also about blocking point of entry. This is why window and door screens became popular when they were first conceived of. In addition, cracks and crevices in the walls, floors and ceilings should also be properly sealed. This prevents entry of house flies and fruit flies into your residence.

It’s a quite different case with businesses where customers and employees come in and out of an area. This is a good sign because it means sales and operations are ongoing. But it’s bad news because flies are attracted to food produce and find a way inside the property.

Optimised Pest Control

Flies can come in suddenly, no matter how careful we are at preventing entry. That’s why your last line of defence should actually be a kind of offence, capturing flies while on your premises.

Throw your fly swatter away because there are now innovative lamps that are much more effective at fly control. For instance, the Vectothor Falcon emits continuous UV-A light optimised for attracting flies. Its temperature optimised glueboard retains the flies it captures.

Flies in the house all of a sudden

This might be within or out of your control. You should clean up your house and make sure flies don’t have any breeding grounds available to lay eggs on. Yet still, flies can enter your home and suddenly contaminate your food and water.

That’s why it’s recommended to capture them and not allow them to roam around. Here at Vectothor, we’ve designed products for that specific purpose. Our team designed fly control lamps according to the biology of flies.

  • Compared to incandescent or fluorescent and light, LED lights are up to 80% more energy efficient.
  • LED lights do not contain any toxic elements
  • LED Lights have approximately six times longer lifespan compared other types of lights. This translates to a significantly lower carbon emission. Moreover, a longer life means fewer replacements, and reduced resource use for the manufacturing process.

At Vectothor, we have recently made use of this advanced technology to deliver a new standard for pest control and management. We combine LED technology with our unique Dynamic Oscillation Pulse Technology™. These LED lamps consume 50% lower energy compared to traditional lights. They do not contain lead, mercury, or any other environmental pollutant.

Contact us today if you need an effective flying insect trap for your home or business.