Flies in the house all of a sudden? Common reason is there’s infestation nearby or inside your home. Dozens or hundreds of eggs already hatched and developed into flies. Whether the source is inside your home or nearby, it’s good to have a proactive solution in place.

For instance, many homeowners (and even business managers) install flying insect killer light traps. This way, their property or business has an active protection against houseflies. The flies might be coming from a place near you (not your fault) but to ensure safety, it’s good to have a fly control lamp in your home or business.

The first step in fly control

Proper sanitation is still the first step (and probably the best way) to effectively control the number of flies. If there’s always a food source and breeding grounds for flies, expect the flies to be always present no matter how many fly control lamps you place.

Flying insect light traps perfectly complement the application of proper sanitation practices. You eliminate the source while further protecting your home or business from flying insects.

Sanitation starts with eliminating the food sources and breeding grounds of flies in the first place. Meat, garbage and rotting vegetables are where flies thrive and lay eggs. These are rich food sources for both the flies and resulting larvae.

Sanitation is also about eliminating point of entry. That’s why window and door screens became popular. In addition, walls, floors and ceilings should also be properly sealed to prevent entry of flies.

It’s a quite different case with businesses where customers and employees come in and out of an area. This is a good sign because it means sales and operations are ongoing. But it’s bad news because these are opportunities for flies to come in.

Optimised capture of flies

Flies can come in suddenly no matter how careful we are. That’s why your last line of defence should actually be a kind of offence, which is capturing them while in your premises.

There are now scientifically designed lamps for fly control. For instance, the Vectothor Falcon emits continuous UV-A light optimised for attracting flies. Its temperature-optimised glueboard retains the flies it captures.

Flies in the house all of a sudden

This might be within or out of your control. You can still clean up your house and make sure flies won’t have any breeding grounds. But still, flies can enter your home and suddenly contaminate your food and water.

That’s why it’s recommended to capture them and not allow them to roam around. Here at Vectothor, we’ve designed products just for that. Our team designed fly control lamps according to the biology of flies.

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