What are your options when it comes to fly control in food production areas? In this short article, we’ll discuss a few of your options. We’ll also discuss what makes a solution more effective than the others. Let’s start.

VECTOTHOR Sea Harrier Flying Insect Control Light Trap

This scientifically designed device is optimised for capturing the most number of flies even in food production areas. It can cover at least 160 square metres which is large enough for most applications.

It’s designed according to the biology of flies. These insects have survived for millions of years because their biological constitution allows them to avoid threats. In addition, there’s an abundance of food sources (especially in food production areas) and they can easily ingest the food by “vomiting” out digestive enzymes and taking it in again by suction (with the food particles and nutrients).

That’s why the best way to capture them is by working according to their biological tendencies. The fly control lamps should mimic natural sunlight as much as possible. If they sense that the light source is far from natural, they will stay away (hence, fewer flies captured). The way light reflects should also mimic how the natural environment looks like.

That’s why our VECTOTHOR Sea Harrier emits UV-A sunlight and natural contrast so more flies will be attracted. This device is optimised according to the biology of flies. As a result, it became one of the most effective fly control devices out there.

Other features

Temperatures and humidity levels might be a lot different in food production areas compared to normal offices. That’s why food production areas often have different demands and requirements.

For example, the catch specifications of the Sea Harrier include a temperature-optimised glueboard. It’s designed according to where it will be used for (food production area). That’s why it can capture the most number of flies without almost any of them escaping.

Moreover, corrosion of metal surfaces might be a problem in food production facilities. Our Sea Harrier is encased in a robust metal housing. In addition, it’s powder coated which keeps the outer layer intact and protected from moisture and other elements. It’s different from liquid paint because the powder is electrically bound to the metal. It is also IP65 Water-resistant, so it is ideal in areas that are hosed down.

Fly control in food production areas

Contact us today if you need robust and reliable fly control solutions for your food production area. Depending on your application, we have units that are scientifically designed and optimised.