Fly control in high humidity areas is different to typical commercial environments such as offices and shops. After all, high humidity levels present a different scenario and a different level of risk. As a result, high humidity areas might require a different set of approaches.

High humidity areas or other harsh environments still share the basic practices in fly control as with typical commercial settings:

  • Elimination or reduction of possible breeding sites of flies
  • Reduction of sources that attract houseflies from other locations
  • Prevention of contact between disease-causing microbes and flies
  • Protection of food (and other goods), people and equipment from fly contact

As you’ve noticed, these basic approaches focus on improving or maintaining environmental sanitation and hygiene. These approaches also apply to harsh environments no matter the facility.

What about high humidity areas?

The approaches could be more extensive and intensive when it comes to harsh environments. That’s because some industrial facilities are at higher risks of explosions. High humidity and highly volatile environments can act as catalysts or initiators for possible explosions.

For instance, metal processing facilities (either for metal products or packaging) may have explosive suspensions in air. Powdered aluminium or titanium are examples. These substances may undergo rapid combustion under the right conditions.

That’s why engineers and operations managers select a fly control unit specifically designed for harsh environments. The risks are too great which is why every device and equipment (no matter how small) is carefully selected.

Vectothor Sea Eagle

This unit is specifically designed to effectively control flies in harsh industrial environments without posing explosion risks. Aside from safety, the unit can still maintain its fly capture effectiveness even in high humidity areas and other extreme environments. It can be mounted either on the wall or ceiling for strategic placement and maximum coverage.

There are other units specifically designed for other environments. It’s recommended to ask assistance regarding the selection of a fly control device. This is to ensure that you’re installing an appropriate unit that presents no risks to your industrial environment.

Fly control in high humidity areas Sydney

Here at Vectothor, we have specific units designed for different applications. We have different units for normal commercial settings (e.g. offices, shops) and different ones for the extreme industrial settings. Contact us today and we’ll give you excellent recommendations.