Fly prevention is important in many businesses because of the risks and disturbance brought by house flies. These pests carry diseases and annoy employees and customers. In addition, the presence of flies signals a bigger problem – poor sanitation.

That’s why many commercial facilities take extra steps in ensuring proper sanitation in each area. For example, they apply disinfectants on critical surfaces. They also properly dispose of waste so the flies won’t have a breeding ground.

Exclusion is another solution

Aside from proper sanitation, exclusion is another effective way to prevent fly invasion. This includes screening of doors and windows. The goal is to prevent flies from entering a certain area in the first place.

However, commercial facilities often have many entry points. This is true in kitchens, restaurants and hotels. Flies annoy customers and staff. In addition, flies can also bring the establishment’s sanitation into question.

What is the most effective way?

Some of the reasons for fly infestation may be outside of your control. For example, a nearby area might have poor sanitation. It’s the perfect breeding ground for house flies. Then, they might find a way to come into your business.

To solve this, many businesses in Australia take a proactive approach. They install fly control lamps and glueboards. They also install fly counting software for monitoring and compliance purposes.

Aside from short and long-term extermination of flies, the solutions mentioned above are also effective preventive measures. They help prevent the further reproduction of flies. They also prevent the flies from building up resistance (in contrast to spraying insecticides).

With fly control lamps and glueboards, you also find a way to quantify the results. Applying insecticides might actually kill some flies. However, you won’t know how many. You will just rely on what you see whether there are flies or none.

Fly prevention Australia

Flies are usually in large numbers during summer. They are also commonly present in warm and humid areas such as the kitchen.

No matter the season or condition in a certain area, VECTOTHOR’s products are effective in fly population control. We have cutting edge fly control lamps and glueboards that deliver results.