How to get rid of flying insects indoors? It’s often a combination of one-time, regular and ongoing solutions to get rid of flies and other insects.

One-time solutions might be sealing cracks and other possible points of entry. Regular solutions require daily cleaning and making sure the garbage is thrown properly (or sealed). Ongoing solutions include having fly traps to ensure zero or minimal number of flies roaming around.

Sealing cracks and points of entry

Flies seek every possible points of entry no matter how small those holes are. That’s why in many homes and businesses (especially kitchens and food production areas), one of the first steps is to seal the holes and prevent flies from coming in the first place.

Aside from sealing the cracks, window and door screens are also being installed. Or, doors and windows are kept closed. However, this is not a perfect solution. It’s still good but when doors and windows are opened (even just a moment), flies will quickly take advantage of this.

Regular cleaning and proper garbage disposal

This is fundamental in proper flying insect management. After all, the presence of flies may indicate a bigger problem which is poor sanitation in the area.

As a result, many companies take these measures for proper sanitation:

  • Immediately clean up spills
  • Wipe the floors at set hours
  • Clean workspaces especially where food products are being handled
  • Proper disposal of garbage
  • Cleaning using appropriate disinfectants
  • Placing garbage and waste as far as possible from the work area


These can be done daily, weekly or monthly depending on the level of risks and frequency of usage of the area. Ideally, the cleaning is done before and after the work hours to ensure no food sources will stick around for flies to land on.

Fly control lamps as an ongoing solution

The most successful approach often integrates the most effective methods. This is also true for proper sanitation and flying insect management.

That’s why many business owners and managers seal entry points and at the same time apply sanitation practices regularly. In addition, they implement ongoing solutions to further lower the risks.

For instance, fly control lamps are now common in these following areas:

  • Business offices
  • Retail shops
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Food production, processing and distribution facilities


These devices are optimised for attracting and capturing houseflies. Take note that one or few flies are enough to compromise the quality of food products.

Get rid of flying insects indoors

Here at Vectothor, we specialise in providing fly light traps optimised for capturing houseflies. These fly control lamps emit continuous UV-A light that mimic natural sunlight. These were designed according to the biological tendencies of flies.

Contact us today and we’ll provide specific recommendations (we have devices designed for restaurants, offices, retail shops).