How to get rid of house flies? Are there effective ways without relying on pesticides and other harmful means? Is there a permanent solution to keep homes and commercial facilities free from flies?

These are the common questions from families and business owners. After all, flies pose health risks and sanitary issues in any residence or commercial area.

Let’s explore the answers to the questions above. We’ll discuss quick and doable tips for effective fly control. Let’s start.

How to eliminate house flies?

Elimination can be about the extermination of flies through pesticides, fly control lamps and glueboards. It can also be about cleaning or eliminating the flies’ possible breeding grounds.

Often, the first step is applying good sanitation practices in all areas. This way, it’s unlikely that the flies will be able to reproduce and thrive. Then, specific fly control solutions will be applied according to the situation.

Aside from elimination, exclusion is another option. This is about the closing or proofing of entry areas such as windows, vents and doors from flies and other insects. However, one or two flies might still be able to sneak in. Even just one fly is enough to make the place look unsanitary.

That’s why many people choose the extermination method. However, some still rely on means that are harmful to the environment and human health.

Without pesticides

Thankfully, it’s now possible to get rid of house flies and other pests without relying on heavy use of chemicals. There are now fly control lamps that are eco-friendly while still effectively eliminating flies.

For example, the ASTRON UV-A Lamps are energy-efficient and long lasting. In addition, the fluorescent powder used in the manufacturing of these lamps is water-based (no toxic butyl compounds). Furthermore, the glass used is free from lead.

It’s environment-friendly while still keeping your place fly-free. These lamps are recommended for daily and long-term use. Each day flies are being eliminated while doing it for the long run.

Get rid of house flies Australia

Prevention is said to be better and cheaper than cure. What if you can have both?

At VECTOTHOR, we have products that effectively prevent and solve fly infestation. Our fly control lamps effectively attract house flies and prevent them from further reproduction.

Contact us today and let us make your area free from flies.