How to capture flies in restaurant kitchens and make the area more sanitary? Here in this short article we’ll discuss the most effective ways on how to accomplish that. We’ll also discuss how to have an effective fly control system in your work area. Let’s start.

1. Clean spills and drains

Prevention is still the best way especially for almost all sanitation issues. This way, flies won’t be attracted to your kitchens in the first place. In addition, you’re promoting a better working environment through improved sanitation practices.

That’s why many kitchen staffs now immediately clean spills from food and ingredients. Regularly they also clean the drains to remove the possible food sources of flies. They take the proactive approach by applying excellent sanitation.

2. Limit entry points and close doors more often

Restaurant kitchens should have screens on the doors and windows. Moreover, these doors and windows should also be tight and close-fitting. This is to block the flies and other pests from entering your kitchens.

Closing the doors regularly is also a good way to limit the number of flies entering. However, this might be challenging to implement especially in busy kitchens. Restaurant operations during the peak hours will guarantee the flow of people in and out of the kitchen.

3. Use UV fly lamps for restaurant kitchens

The two approaches above are still important. These are proactive methods in preventing flies from entering the premises. In addition, these are excellent sanitation practices in restaurant kitchens and other commercial facilities.

But to further limit the number of flies, one ideal way is to capture them while they’re in the area. This way, they won’t be left roaming around. You also capture the flies that might reproduce to hundreds or thousands.

For instance, the Vectothor Sea Harrier is specifically designed for wet areas such as restaurant kitchens. They can still effectively capture flies even in kitchens with less than ideal temperatures and humidity.

Both prevention and capture work hand in hand to keep your restaurant kitchen sanitary. The difference is that UV fly control devices can work silently in the background all day long.

Integrated approach to capture flies in restaurant kitchens

It’s an integrated approach to minimise the number of flies and risk of fly contamination. It’s a combination of the right management approach and technology to control the number of flies in restaurant kitchens.

Here at Vectothor, we focus on the science and technology part. Our scientifically designed UV lamps for fly control are effective in capturing flies. These lamps mimic the nature for optimal results.

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