Flies are annoying no matter the species, and you certainly don’t want them flying around your house or business premises. When you spot a fly, you probably don’t give much thought as to the type of fly it is – but you should, as they both carry bacteria and present a health risk. In this blog post Vectothor will be highlighting the difference between house flies and fruit flies so that you are easily able to tell them apart.


House flies are easy to identify, as they are a large and common fly with bodies varying in shade from ash grey to black. They are approximately 5-8 mm in length, and they have a yellow coloured abdomen. Their eyes are brown/red in appearance and they have stripes on their thorax.

Fruit flies are much smaller, only around 3 mm in length. They are a yellow/brown coloured fly with bright red eyes, and their abdomen hangs much lower than that of the housefly. Fruit flies like to hover whereas houseflies move around at a more rapid rate.

Where are they found?

House flies can be found just about anywhere and are most attracted to rotting piles of rubbish and food scraps. Fruit flies, as the name suggests, are attracted to both fresh and rotting fruit. They are most likely to be found hanging around your kitchen and fruit bowls, and they particularly like moist environments, so you may also find them hanging around your laundry if you’ve left any damp mops or buckets lying around. Other common places to find fruit flies are around rubbish bins and even your kitchen sink.

Do Fruit Flies Pose a Health Risk?

Many people are under the impression that fruit flies pose less of a health risk than houseflies. Whilst it is true that house flies tend to prefer decaying food and are known to carry bacteria such as E. Coli and salmonella, fruit flies can also carry bacteria and germs. It is best to avoid both types of flies. Installing a Vectothor flying insect control system is ideal for this purpose.

It is especially important that flies are kept away from food preparation areas, as both species will be attracted to the products found within. Without proper control methods, there is a serious risk of spreading bacteria or flies finding their way into prepared food. This poses a serious health risk for humans. Whilst fruit flies may carry a slightly lower risk than house flies, it is simply not worth taking your chances.

Vectothor UV Insect Killer – Your Defence Against Flies

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