House fly counting is important because it’s a way of measuring the effectiveness of a fly control solution. It’s also a way of determining how quick a certain solution can deliver results within a given time period.

For instance, glueboards have varying effectiveness. Some are optimised even in tropical temperatures. Some might not be optimised for that condition. To prove the claim, a fly counting software would be very helpful (eliminate the need for manual counting, especially for multiple areas).

For trend analysis

Quantification can also result to deeper analysis. For example, a certain area has unusually more flies captured throughout the year. If that’s the case, the management can work to figure out the issue. They may also install more devices or utilise more effective solutions.

This is important in food production facilities, hotels, restaurants and other commercial facilities. They need to mitigate risks and ensure that no house flies are roaming around. With the information provided by a fly counting software, the solutions will be within reach.

Controlling the fly population and density

House flies can carry up to 100 different pathogens. They can then spread throughout the facility and products. That’s why it’s important for food production facilities and processing areas to prevent flies from reaching a population beyond critical point.

To accomplish this, fly counting is usually employed. A high fly population density can mean that the facility is not applying proper sanitation procedures. Although the flies are captured, their high number can mean a sign of a bigger problem.

Manual counting might not be reliable due to human error in the counting itself and in record keeping. In contrast, an automated and computerised way of counting can help you minimise errors. This also allows for storage of historical data and later analysis.

House fly counting Australia

In many commercial facilities, risk mitigation and issue prevention are priorities. This is true especially in the population control of house flies.

That’s why here at VECTOTHOR, we provide effective fly traps (including glueboards) and fly counting software to help with that objective. We also have different fly control solutions ideal for your business.