Many businesses in Australia search for office fly control solutions to keep the workplace sanitary and more inviting. After all, most employees and managers spend most of their waking hours inside an office.

If there are a few flies in the workplace, expect them to greatly affect the image of the office. Worse, they can even affect the staff’s productivity levels. Our working environment actually influences us more than we realise. It can make us feel more motivated if the environment is free from flies and other pests.

So how do we keep flies out of our offices? What are the effective means available? Let’s explore the answers below:

1. Specify a designated dining area

Why do flies linger around? One reason is that there are food sources in the area. On the desks, computer keyboards and other work areas, there might be food particles lying around.

Aside from cleaning those areas, it’s also important that there’s a designated dining area for all the staff members. This way, the work areas will stay clean day after day. In addition, dining and working will be two separate activities because they’re being done in separate environments.

2. Always empty the trash bins

Flies love the trash bins because they’re often hidden from plain view and there are food sources. That’s why it’s good to regularly empty those bins so the flies won’t have a safe and warm place to hide.

The previous tip above (specifying a dining area) complements this. If there’s a designated dining area, the trash bins in the main offices won’t have food particles. Mostly, the content of those trash bins will be paper and other non-edible waste.

3. Put fly control lamps and/or glueboards

Aside from maintaining clean surroundings, it’s also recommended to have fly control solutions in your workplace.

There are fly killer lamps and glueboards that can effectively control the number of flies. In addition, these can help maintain your fly-free work environment each day. There will be no flies lingering around. The office will remain sanitary and inviting for employees, managers, suppliers and guests.

Office fly control Australia

Here at VECTOTHOR, we provide effective fly control lamps and glueboards that utilise cutting edge science. For instance, our fly control lamps are specifically designed to appeal to the flies’ visual spectrum.

Contact us today and make your office clean and free from flies.