Flies obviously need no introduction as they are one of most common types of pests found in almost every place with human habitation. Flies lay eggs on garbage, animal faeces, and rotting organic materials. Fly infestations are not only extremely irritating, but also a potential cause for spreading many types of diseases. Some common diseases caused by flies include food poisoning, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, tuberculosis, eye infections, topical infections, etc.

Naturally, fly control is an important hygiene requirement for every business. Out of the wide spectrum of fly control alternatives available to us, LED fly killers offer the latest technology in pest control. They are not only highly effective, but also cause no harm to the environment. This brief article will tell you more about these fly killers and how they can ensure a fly-free premises for you.

LED Fly Killers:

We all know that UV light is not visible to the human eye. However, this type of light is incredibly attractive to all types of flies. Quality electric fly killers make use of this property of UV light to lure flies in and and trap them on a glueboard.

When excited by an electric charge, traditional UV bulbs give off light utlising a substance called phosphor that coats the inside of the lamps. The light is created by mercury atoms being fired on to the phosphor coating. It gives off invisible UV-A light as well as light in the visible range, and heat. These lamps degrade and within one year, the bulbs need to be replaced.

UV LED models, however, don’t use phosphor or mercury. Light emitting diodes allow electric current to flow between the positive and negative terminals of a circuit. With the right technology we can produce UV-A light in a very targeted band and no heat. UV LEDs use 50% less electricity and last 3-years, so they are not noly more effective and better for the environment, they are less expensive to run.

UV LED Fly Killer Advantages:

Compared to other fly control techniques, there are many advantages of using LED fly killers. UV LEDs are rare as few companies have the technical skills to optimise this technology for fly control but offer the following benefits.

  • All of us are aware of the trademark humming sound that comes from fluorescent bulbs. This sound can be quite annoying, and is caused by magnetic ballasts used for controlling the flow of current into the bulb. LED lights, on the other hand, run completely silently because they don’t use this technology.
  • Compared to fluorescent bulbs, the heat generated by LEDs is five times less. This is why UV LEDs are considered to be perfect for fly killers. All of us know how difficult it can be to deal with the extra heat generated by fluorescent bulbs, particularly during the hot Australian summer. And they use more power as a consequence.
  • LEDs are tough, durable, and can be used continuously for over 20,000 hours

If you are worried about fly infestation at your home or office, please contact our experts at Vectothor. We are one of Australia’s most trusted flying insect control experts with an exquisite range of lights, glue boards, zappers, and other products for effective fly control.