Restaurant fly control is not a one-time or monthly necessity. It should be a daily requirement if you want to protect your restaurant’s customers and reputation.

Many other businesses request for pest control monthly or quarterly to protect their assets and to comply with local regulations. However, the case is different when it comes to restaurants and other food establishments.

Health and sanitation issues

Flies can instantly ruin a restaurant’s reputation. Aside from health issues, flies can greatly affect the brand image of the restaurant. If customers notice those flies while they’re dining one day, the restaurant’s sanitation will be in question. This could lead to loss of customers and even a negative reputation online and through word of mouth.

That’s why aside from monthly or quarterly pest control, restaurant owners and managers install fly control devices near and within their premises. This way, restaurants will be virtually fly-free during all the businesses’ hours of operation.

What are some of the fly control solutions

To effectively control flies, they must first be driven away or make them go towards an area. That’s why there are specially designed lamps (usually in the UV-A range) that attract flies. Once they come into contact (or become near) with the light source, the electrical zap will effectively extinguish them.

First, the lamps should emulate natural light so the flies will come. In addition, the wavelength emitted by the lights should appeal to flies. This makes attracting the flies much more effective.

Aside from fly killer lamps, some restaurants also use glueboards. They install these for total entrapment of flies and compliance with health and sanitation guidelines. For these glueboards to be effective, they should be optimised to be working perfectly even in tropical temperatures.

How to choose the best fly control option

There are many different kinds of fly control lamps and glueboards out in the market. However, not every product will be effective in restaurant fly control.

The choice might depend on the environment and the standards you’re upholding. It might also depend on the technology used and the effectiveness of a particular option.

Restaurant fly control Australia

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