The effectiveness of a UV fly trap is more quantifiable compared to pesticides. It’s difficult to determine whether a pesticide is truly effective or not. Maybe the house flies left for other reasons. But with fly traps using the UV range, you can quantify their effectiveness.

UV fly lamps “naturally” attract house flies. The lamps are optimised to the house fly’s vision spectrum. They imitate the natural UV rays emitted by sunlight. As a result, flies recognise the fly trap as “natural” and non-threatening.

Mimicking nature is the key

In contrast, pesticides are far from natural. Instead of attracting the flies and trapping them, the pesticides might just be repelling the flies. These pests might just come back after a few days when the the pesticide degrades. In addition, some house flies will build resistance and survive.

On the other hand, UV fly control lamps completely trap the house flies. There is no way for the flies to escape and reproduce. Aside from eradicating the flies, you also have a preventive measure. You won’t have to spray insecticides again and again.

The key to the lamps’ effectiveness is how they mimic nature. The lamps’ UV-A spectrum is also present in sunlight. In addition, there are lamps today that emit a constant beam of light. If the lights are flickering to the fly’s sight, the flies will see it as unnatural. As a result, they are less attracted.

A quick and long-term solution

Once you’ve installed a UV fly control lamp, you might see dozens of flies trapped on the device the next day. You’ll be surprised at how quick it delivers results for your home or business.

This is important in restaurants and food establishments. The presence of flies can signal poor sanitation in the area. Customers will notice this and might not come back again.

This is also important in event venues, offices, retail stores and other commercial facilities. The goal of any business is to project professionalism. If there are flies roaming around, that goal will be impossible to achieve.

UV fly trap Australia

That’s why here at VECTOTHOR, we provide highly effective fly control solutions for commercial facilities. We use cutting edge science to optimise results for our customers.

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