A wall mounted fly catcher can actually help in improving productivity and sales. Employees will become more productive because there are fewer distractions. They will be able to focus on the task at hand. When it comes to sales, customers will be able to focus more on your products instead of the flying insects roaming around.

The keyword here is focus. Employees can focus on their work. Customers can focus on which of your products to buy. These present both a short- and long-term benefit. Each day and for the years to come, your business will receive a huge return on investment (ROI) from wall mounted fly catchers.

How to select an effective unit

Businesses prioritise performance and reliability. It also applies in the selection of fly control devices. For example, the unit should be able to attract the most number of flies. The key to achieve that is to mimic nature. That’s why many fly control lamps emit UV-A light. To take it even further, these modern units generate a unique attraction grid that results in 30% improved performance. The unique attraction grid stimulates the natural landing behaviour of flies.

For example, the Vectothor Osprey (with area coverage of at least 80 square metres) is ideal for offices, shops and other commercial facilities. It emits continuous UV-A light and has a unique attraction grid for optimal effectiveness. This wall mounted device also has a temperature-optimised glueboard. As a result, its performance and reliability makes it a clear choice for many business owners.

There are other fly control units with varying area coverage, material, mounting and design. It depends on your specific application. For example, if it’s a wet industrial environment, the specifications might be different. In these settings, the humidity and temperature levels are different from normal commercial settings such as in offices.

Wall mounted fly catcher Sydney

Zero or fewer flies can lead to more sales and better productivity. Whether it’s a workplace, a shop or a cafe, effective control of flies can lead to high ROIs upfront and for the long term. That’s why it’s important to select the appropriate type of unit for your commercial facility.

Contact us today here at Vectothor and let’s discuss your specifications and application. We can explore some options for optimal fly control in your business premise (whether it’s an office, shop, cafe, restaurant or an industrial facility).