Regular sighting of flies, presence of numerous maggots and small dark spots on ceiling and walls might be signs of fly infestation in your home or business. It’s crucial to notice those signs early on to prevent the harm brought by flies and stop their proliferation.

It’s recommended to perform daily or weekly inspections (and site visits) to your business. If you’re the business owner or manager, pay special attention where customers stay and the locations of the most critical parts of the supply chain. For instance, do certain sections of your shop get visited by an unusual number of flies? Do flies continuously roam around your food packaging facility?

Why fly infestation is often overlooked?

The regular sighting of flies is the clearest sign. However, this sign is often missed because of the human’s tendency to ignore regular occurrences of things. In other words, a stimulus (seeing flies) loses its effect if we encounter it regularly.

But the fact that we don’t notice the flies doesn’t mean they’re not there. They will still continuously carry and transmit pathogens they’ve picked up from trash and rotting matter. Whether we’re aware or not, flies will still compromise our goods and even harm our customers and employees.

How to stop fly infestation

Fly infestation is often a sign of a bigger and more serious problem (poor sanitation). The flies are present in the first place because there are food sources nearby. In addition, they have gained entry into your home or business because there are access points where rats, insects and other small creatures can enter.

That’s why the first step is to improve sanitation and seal possible entry points of flies. Improving sanitation removes the flies’ food sources. On the other hand, sealing the entry points prevent flies from coming into your home, kitchen or commercial facility. This complements good sanitation because flies may still come in no matter how clean your premises are.

These are already effective in significantly limiting the number of flies. This results to fewer risks because there will be fewer carriers of diseases. In addition, the area becomes more inviting to customers (especially in shops and restaurants).

Proactive & continuous protection from flies

Good sanitation and entry point sealing may not be enough. These two approaches focus on prevention. What works best is integrating these approaches with a 24/7 solution (or during business hours). In other words, the flies must be captured before they continue to roam around your premises.

This can be accomplished by installing fly traps in strategic places. For instance, many offices, shops, restaurant kitchens and other commercial facilities have Vectothor fly traps. These effectively attract and capture flies before these creatures cause harm to your customers and business.

Contact us today here at Vectothor if you require effective fly control lamps for your commercial facility. We have specialised devices designed for different environments.