Cooking may amplify the odours and attract more flies as a result. The smell of the barbecue getting grilled and the steam coming from cooked fish and meat will likely drive flies to your place even from kilometres away.

It’s especially the case in restaurant kitchens where regular cooking and food preparation happens. These environments are likely to attract flies 24/7. However, these flies should be kept out as much as possible. This is to minimise the health risks brought by flies.

How to do effective fly control

It starts with excellent sanitation. This approach often includes the following:

  • Keeping floors and walls clean and spotless
  • Cleaning up the spills immediately
  • Promptly throwing the trash and leftovers
  • Inspecting corners and other hard-to-reach areas (cleaning them is the next step)
  • Regularly washing the utensils, cookware, counters and other surfaces

The goal here is to eliminate the potential food sources of flies. However, the smell of cooking may keep attracting numerous flies every now and then. That’s why managers often implement further practices such as:

  • Sealing cracks and gaps in ceilings, floors and walls
  • Installing screens on windows and doors
  • Minimising the time when doors and windows are open
  • Installing fly light traps

Aside from keeping away flies, sealing the entry points will also prevent entry of rats, insects and other pests. The window and door screens also serve the same purpose which is to keep away small creatures from entering your premises.

But even with all these rigorous practices, flies will still be able to come in and land on the kitchen counters, cookware, ingredients and prepared food. To stop and limit the flies’ actions, they should be captured as quickly as possible.

Using fly traps for continuous protection

Even a single fly can contaminate the ingredients and prepared food. The problem gets worse when there are numerous flies that roam around and interrupt both the restaurant staff and customers.

That’s why it’s recommended to have an ongoing protection against flies. This can be accomplished through the use of light traps that emit continuous UV-A radiation and temperature-optimised glueboard like those provide here at Vectothor.

If you require a professional and effective solution in fly control, you can contact us here at Vectothor. We have specific solutions designed for restaurants, kitchens and other food facilities.