Looking for effective fly traps for kitchens? Restaurant and other commercial kitchens need ongoing protection against flies. Although regular and complete sanitation has a huge positive effect, fly light traps are still crucial to preventing more flies from roaming around.

For example, the Vectothor Kite (35+ square metre coverage) is designed for kitchens, restaurants and food production areas. It complements the measures taken by the managers and staff in controlling the number of flies in their facilities.

Important features of fly light traps

Fly traps should successfully attract flies and prevent them from escaping. This is possible through the following technologies:

  • Emission of UV-A light (approximately 315 to 400 nm) which mimics natural sunlight
  • Continuous emission of light rays (not intermittent which flies may perceive as unnatural)
  • Natural contrast grid (stimulates landing behaviour of flies for better capture, have 30% improved performance)
  • Temperature optimised glueboard (keep flies from escaping once captured)

Those features work together to limit the number of flies during business hours. This way, you minimise the risks and dangers brought by flies. After all, they can easily transmit diseases and microbes whenever they land.

Strategic placement of fly traps

There are fly control lamps now that can be installed on walls or ceilings. For instance, the Vectothor Merlin 45E (45+ square metre coverage) offers flexibility in placement and installation. It can be placed on the ceiling or wall (and with the ability to link 4 units together). Its versatility makes it a popular choice among restaurant owners and staff.

The key is to ensure that the fly traps have enough coverage area so they can attract and capture more flies. Many quality fly control units now have at least 35 square metres of effective coverage. These can be already effective in small commercial kitchens.

Fly traps for kitchens

Effective flying insect management in kitchens requires an integrated approach. It often combines the following measures:

  • Daily cleaning of counters, tables and other work surfaces
  • Immediate cleaning of food spills and excess ingredients and meat
  • Sealing and limiting the possible entry points of flies
  • Use of clean work aprons and clothes in the kitchen
  • Regular disposal of trash so flies won’t have any food sources

In addition, ongoing measures such as fly traps can complement the above steps in limiting the risks and dangers brought by flies.

That’s why here at Vectothor, our scientifically designed flying insect light traps are optimised for use in kitchens, restaurants, cafes, offices, retail shops and other commercial facilities. Contact us today and we’ll provide you with specific recommendations for your business.