An indoor fly lamp killer can help make your shop or office cleaner, safer and more professional. After all, flies roaming around can affect your company’s image and reputation.

For instance, potential customers are walking on the aisles and checking the goods displayed on the shelves. When they see flies following them around, they tell a lot about the business. It gives the impression that the area is unsanitary. It’s especially the case in restaurants and cafes where people eat and drink.

How to catch flies & prevent them from annoying your customers

Flies have successfully evolved which is why they still exist. Though there are already effective fly management programs in place, these are not enough to give round the clock protection to your business against flies.

Business owners and managers have already implemented the following measures:

  • Sealing and closing the cracks and gaps in ceilings, walls and floors
  • Ensuring windows and doors are tightly closed
  • Immediately cleaning spills and food debris
  • Keeping the trash away from the most active business areas
  • Routine cleaning especially in kitchens and eating areas

Limiting entry points and maintaining the area sanitation will keep away flies (in addition to maintaining a clean and fresh smell). These are fundamental procedures that any business should regularly practice.

To go a step further, many business owners and managers install an indoor fly control device. This is to actively capture the flies and prevent them from spreading diseases and reproducing.

How fly control lamps work?

First, the most effective fly control lamps emit continuous UV-A rays (also with the aid of a natural contrast grid). This is to mimic natural sunlight as much as possible. This way, flies won’t perceive the lamp as threatening. As a result, there’s a better tendency for them to come to the light and get captured by the temperature-optimised glueboard.

For instance, the Vectothor Falcon Plus (with 60+ square metre coverage) emits a high frequency light pulse in the UV-A range. Aside from its effectiveness in attracting and capturing flies, it also has a discreet uplit design which is ideal in many commercial facilities such as offices and retail shops.

Indoor fly lamp killer Sydney

If you require a round the clock defence against houseflies for your office or store during business hours, here at Vectothor we can provide you with the most effective solutions.

If you contact us today, our staff will provide you with excellent recommendations specific for your application. We have fly control lamps designed for offices, retail shops, restaurants, cafes, kitchens and other commercial facilities.