Indoor flying insect traps are now installed in many business establishments. Business owners and managers have already realised the importance of an ongoing protection against pests such as flies.

Flies and other flying insects may affect the following commercial facilities:

  • Dining areas in restaurants
  • Restaurant kitchens
  • Cafes
  • Retail shops
  • Food production and processing facilities
  • Supermarkets and grocery stores
  • Offices of construction, utilities, start-ups and other businesses
  • Massage centres
  • Recreational facilities
  • Learning and educational centres
  • Manufacturing sites (including high humidity and highly volatile environments)

That’s why businesses in different industries create dedicated programs for minimising or eliminating the risks of flies. It’s especially the case with kitchens, restaurants and food production facilities. The flies will contaminate the food and endanger consumers’ lives.

Choosing the right fly traps for your facility

Offices, supermarkets and retail shops often have normal and comfortable working temperatures. But it’s a totally different case with industrial environments (areas with high humidity levels and risks of dust explosion).

For instance, the Vectothor Falcon is ideal for most commercial facilities such as offices and retail shops. However, it’s not the most recommended unit for wet industrial environments. The Vectothor Sea Eagle might be more appropriate because it’s specifically designed for harsh and extreme work areas.

In addition, it’s recommended to ensure that the fly traps have lamps that perfectly match the house fly’s vision spectrum. That’s why many fly control units have an ASTRON Lamp installed. Aside from meeting the house fly vision spectrum of 300 to 420 nm, the lamp is also approved for use in HACCP Approved food facilities. It can also provide up to 9,000 hours of UV-A light (approximately one year of use).

Effective capture of flies

Aside from effective attraction of flies by appealing to their vision spectrum, another crucial aspect is the capture mechanism. Once the fly lands onto the glueboard, it should not be able to get away.

This is accomplished by having a temperature-optimised glueboard that can work effectively even in tropical temperatures. This ensures total entrapment of flies and other flying insects. This way, fewer and fewer flies will roam around the commercial facility.

Effective flying insect traps

Here at Vectothor, our scientifically designed fly control lamps are optimised according to the flies’ biological tendencies (natural sunlight, continuous emission of UV-A light, natural contrast grid). Our units’ features work together to maximise attraction and capture of flies.

Contact us today and we’ll provide you with excellent recommendations specific to your facility.