LED technology offers clear energy savings over traditional lighting technologies. Now VECTOTHOR bring this exciting technology to create a new standard for UV-A lights for insect control. Coupled with our unique DYNAMIC OSCILLATION PULSE TECHNOLOGY™, a highly proprietary logarithm that creates fluctuations in the light beam that are imperceptible by people, but greatly influence and improve fly catch rates, VECTOTHOR LED is truly lighting the future for insect control.

VECTOTHOR LED lamps are better for the environment and better for your pocket since they use up to 50% less energy than traditional lights. Each lamp has a three (3) years life-span (compared to one year for fluorescent lamps) and they contain no environmental pollutants such as lead or mercury.


House flies (Musca domestica Linnaeus) are not the cleanest of insects! They visit sewers and garbage bins, and feed on faecal matter, discharges from wounds, sputum, and all sorts of decaying matter such as spoiled fish, eggs and meat.

The flies regurgitate and excrete wherever they come to rest, including on your food!

They are strongly suspected of transmitting at least 65 diseases to humans, including E coli, salmonella, typhoid, dysentery, cholera, poliomyelitis, yaws, anthrax, tularaemia, leprosy, tuberculosis and more!

Which is why you don’t want to take the expedient route of simply putting up the cheapest light trap, just to tick the box that you have a trap in place. You need to use a system that has been University tested and proven to keep your customers safe.


This unique technology is essential to provide fly trapping performance equal to, or better than, that provided by traditional fluorescent lamp fly trap models.

A highly proprietary logarithm has been developed to cause fluctuations in the light beam that are imperceptible by people, but that greatly influence and improve fly catch rates.

Early in the development process of producing a high-performance LED lamp, it became clear that fly landing behaviour was negatively impacted by LED lights and, as a direct consequence, kill rates were reduced. This led to the development of our VECTOTHOR Dynamic Oscillation Pulse Technology™ to provide class leading fly killing performance.


ASTRON UV-A Lamps produce UV-A light optimised to perfectly match the house fly’s vision spectrum, to guarantee you catch more flies more quickly when linked to our VECTOTHOR Dynamic Oscillation Pulse Technology.

Low energy – high brightness
Provides significant cost and energy savings and creates less greenhouse gases

3-year long-life LED lamps
Cost-saving and more responsible management of our resources.

Uniquely shatter-proof design
No glass is used in the construction of ECO-LEDs.

Lamps do not require a ballast
Operates when connected directly to the mains power.


Mercury and Lead free

acc. IEC 60.335-259 International Standard
for Insect Exterminators through TUV-Rheinland.

Compliant with RoHS Standards
(Removal of Hazardous Substances), there are zero harmful substances in ASTRON UV LED lights.

VECTOTHOR temperature optimised glueboards
for use in HACCP food-safety environments


VECTOTHOR Light Traps employ a Natural Contrast Grid to improve catch rates: it mimics the natural way sunlight is broken up when it shines through trees.

VECTOTHOR HIGH-PERFORMANCE LED is the first choice for use in HACCP Food Management environments.

Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and wherever you are serious about preventing disease transmission by flies and other flying insects.

VECTOTHOR Light Traps use glueboards to trap insects in full compliance with HACCP Food Industry Guidelines.

VECTOTHOR glueboards employ an elastomer, a tackifying resin and a softener for premium trapping. VECTOTHOR glueboards are made in Europe and all are uniquely REACH Compliant for your safety.

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Vectothor Omniveo Range

Vectothor Omniveo 2 A new generation of insect control units suitable for real time monitoring and elimination of flying insects

Vectothor Falcon LED

The VECTOTHOR Falcon LED’s unique design directs UV-A light upwards, providing discreet protection in areas where your patrons are present.

Vectothor Osprey LED

With its discreet design, the VECTOTHOR Osprey LED has a 30% improved performance over conventional units due to its unique attraction grid…

Vectothor Peregrine 3 LED

With its totally unique design and powerful insect trapping features, the VECTOTHOR Peregrine3 LED is designed for the most severe flying insect…

Vectothor Buzzard LED

Easy to service, stylish and effective, the VECTOTHOR Buzzard LED offers it all. Its discreet design enables fast and simple maintenance.

Vectothor Sea Harrier LED

Easy to service, stylish and effective, the VECTOTHOR Sea Harrier LED offers it all. Its discreet design enables fast and simple maintenance.