Searching for UV fly traps for retail stores? Effective fly control is still critical even in retail stores because of the risks and reputation damage flies present. That’s because a few flies are already enough to turn off customers and prospective buyers.

That’s why in this short article, we’ll present you with a few effective options. All these UV fly traps are scientifically designed to attract the most number of flies. Let’s get started.


This is one of the most discreet designs when it comes to UV fly control devices. It covers a small area (at least 35 square metres). It is wall mounted and only has a power consumption of 25 watts.

Just like with other VECTOTHOR products, the Falcon emits UV-A sunlight that is proven to attract the most number of flies. The lamp lasts up to 12 months, even with daily use. It provides good value because of effectiveness and relatively long useful lifespan. Moreover, it has an uplit design which makes it aesthetically recommended for many retail shops.


The Osprey has a 30% improved performance compared to most conventional fly control units. It’s possible because of its unique design, which helps stimulate the landing behaviour of flies (thereby increasing capture effectiveness).

It can also cover at least 80 or more square metres. It also has a low power consumption (32 watts) and a one year lamp lifespan. This wall mounted device is also ideal for many retail stores because of its attractive design.

VECTOTHOR Merlin100e

If you need a more unique design for your UV fly trap, the Merlin 100E is the right one for your retail shop. This wall- or ceiling-mounted device covers at least 100 square metres. This coverage area is large enough for most locations and purposes.

It operates on shatter-proof UV-A lamps with a power consumption of 32 watts. Its wide coverage and option to mount on ceiling or wall are some of the reasons business owners have these in their shops.

UV fly traps for retail stores

Those are just some of your options. If you need to learn more, you can contact us today or read and download our brochures. Our products are scientifically designed and tested for optimal results.